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Tropical Floral Flamingo Round Beach Towel

$ 29.99
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  • Microfiber
  • A pink flamingo with a lush frame of green palm leaves and tropical hibiscus flowers.
  • Round, XL oversized towel, 60"*60"+2.4" fringes tassel, large enough to hold two people sitting on it or one laying down. Easy to carry around as it's light and occupies very little space when you fold and pack it.
  • MICROFIBRE towel with fringe around the outside, we already took a photo for fabric detail. Compact texture and ultra thick, the weight is 1.21lbs(550g), very soft hand feeling and comfortable, it dries off very fast, works perfectly as a beach& travel towel.
  • It's soft and large enough to use for Round Beach Towel, Round Beach Blanket, Round Beach Mat, Round Beach Tapestry, Round Beach Picnic Blanket, Round Beach Throw, Beach Roundie, Round Yoga Towel Mat, Round Yoga Carpet, Round Yoga Sheet, Round Camping Blanket, Round table cloth, Round bath towel, Meditation, Poolside Lounging, Covering Chairs, Wall Hanging and Shading Sleeping Babies.
  • Drys quick, and bright colors stated after washing. Just hang it outside for a few minutes and you can quickly use it again. Sand does not come through, it comes right off.