Tips for a Perfect Natural Tan

Hey Everyone! Here are 3 Tips for a Perfect Natural Tan!
1. Choose a lotion: This part is crucial! Go for something that is organic and that has an SPF of 4-15. Since you'll be napping in the sun for a while, it's good to still protect your skin, even though the goal is to be golden brown ;)
2. Tan between 10am and 4pm: As you know, the sun is at its strongest and highest point in the sky at around noon, so be sure to tan during this time to get the most direct sunlight.
3. Turn over every 20-30 minutes: Like hot dogs on a grill, we need to make sure that our tan is even, and this method ensures that you won't be red on one side and white as snow on the other. Balance is key!
4. Last and most important! Consistency: If you want to be bragging in October to your friends about how your skin looks like you spent the summer in the Bahamas, you have to make sure that you tan for 2-3 hours at least once a week :)
We hope you enjoyed these tips and are ready to make this summer, the best one yet!
The Aqua Pura Crew ;)

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